Teacher Resources

TeachingTexas.org provides teachers with easy access to all types of material useful in the teaching of Texas studies. Resources include primary and secondary sources, lesson plans, staff development, apps and interactive websites, museum exhibits and programs, books, and events. The resources found there include TSHA resources as well as many other institutions.

Texas Insights, TSHA's e-newsletter specifically for 4th and 7th grade teachers,  pairs with www.TeachingTexas.org and is designed to share opportunities for Texas teachers and students while promoting effective instructional practices. The newsletter is distributed via email in August, October, December, March, and May. To receive this valuable resource or view past issues, simply SUBSCRIBE.

Texas Talks, TSHA webinars from preeminent Texas history scholars and experts that stream live on a bimonthly basis are great resources for teachers for various Texas history topics and content. Click here to view and join the live, interactive webinars

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Resources!
A collection of tools and products available to assist teachers in understanding, communicating, and teaching the most recently revised TEKS for 4th and 7th Grade.

Teach Using the Handbook of Texas Online

Click on the ebooks below to view as downloadable PDFs:

The following tools are helpful for using the Handbook of Texas in the classroom. They were created by teachers for teachers:

TEKS alignment, grade 4 social studies
TEKS alignment, grade 7 social studies

Texas Day by Day - A fun and different way to look at history. Daily "features" drawn from the Handbook of Texas Online highlight important, interesting, or unusual events in Texas history.

Texas History Links -  A collection of links to Web sites dealing with Texas history, geography, and culture organized by Dr. Roger Griffin. These links are well-organized and helpful in finding a variety of primary source material.